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New Book

So Alyx has said she's going to add a fourth book to the trilogy (because everyone knows a trilogy's not a REAL trilogy unless it's completely inaccurately named as such).

So with that said... and in an attempt to start a discussion.... What would people like to see in the next book? 
I'm thinking possible story lines, loose ends that need tying up, anyone you'd like to see with a bigger role (what about something expanded from the short stories she did to go with it)?

I personally would like to see more of the elephant bugs! :D  Maybe more about the Guedelphs would be nice - perhaps we could see some others besides Blue?  More Bunny!Blackbird with his mini biker leathers....

How about some hot bike-on-bike lovin's just to make the weirdness canon? :D  Yeah just kidding on that one although I guess it could be taken as a challenge in the wrong light.

Thoughts anyone?
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Hey Girls and Boys! It's Dumb Question Time!

This is obviously directed at people who read my book and liked it. People who read my book and hated it... um... sorry?

Anyway part of the picture book that I am working on will be six scenes out of the novel illustrated by a friend of mine. (not sure if she wishes to be named but she's awesome and adorable and she's gonna marry me one day she just doesn't know it yet) There will be two pics from Book I, two from Book II, and two from III. I have some idea what I want for Book I - a scene in the Mountain Cabin and I'm waffling between the Galloping Troll and the Stagger Inn. I'm just really not sure what I want for the other four so I thought I'd ask if there were any scenes out of books II and III anyone has been dying to see.

Suggestions, anyone?
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New Year, New Stuff.

So I have a couple little announcements that I hope will make people happy. One is that the sequel to S.P.I.T is mapped out and ready and starting to be written. (By mapped out I mean I have the basic idea in mind and I'll see where it goes from there.) As you recall when the last book ended our intrepid explorers were in their forties - a little older and gamier and than when the book started. They'd like to retire, but EBIL STRIKES AGAIN!!!!

It should be done by December, at least that is the intended deadline, and available for purchase by summer 2013...assuming the Mayans were wrong.

Also! There will be a picture book coming out - the Dargothian Beastiary. This will contain drawings and write-ups about all the creatures that haunt the Dargothian landscape - everything from the dragons to those damned lizards. There will also be maps of Dargoth, the cities, and possibly one of the Palace itself. This will be published in a limited edition, each copy numbered and signed by yours truly. I'm hoping to have this out in time for Christmas.

So! If there is a critter you have always wanted to see - now is the time to let me know which one.
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Who do you love?

Hi and hello to all the members of this new comm! Well someone had to be brave enough to dip their toes in the water, so here I am. The water's quite lovely actually, nothing is attempting to eat me, so perhaps you will all join me?

So guys, discussion, to get this ball rolling, allow us all to get to know each other a little better.

Who is your favourite character from the books? And why. They can be good, bad, evil, no wrong answers here! Love one, love several, love them all! Come talk about them.

If you have fanart of your favourite characters, do come post it, we'd love to see!

I myself have this huge soft spot for Infamous. I do love rogues, and the idea that he can manage to thieve anything amuses me to no end. I adore his personality too. I could snuggle him all day... if he and Arrowsmith would let me....
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"The Palace will rise tonight. It has, in fact, begun to rise as we are speaking, and by the first rays of the sun, it will have emerged fully from the earth. And in one half hour, a little girl of about eight, an orphan living in one of the Temples of Marakim, will come tearing through the door, and shout that the Palace is beginning to rise."
(John Arrowsmith, The White Palace Awakens, Chapter 1)

Welcome to the White Palace, a place to share and enjoy the works of Alyx J Shaw's A Strange Place In Time.  And by share, we mean how much you love it and the characters etc etc, rather than illegally sharing copies of the books.

The books themselves are available from Torquere Books - The Recalling of John Arrowsmith, The White Palace Awakens and The Merry Executioner Returns

So if you have a fondness for the Court and magic and fantasy, come join us.  And tell your friends to join us!

Please, feel free to post and tell us how you got into SPIT, who your favorite character/s are etc.  And bear with us while we open the rest of the Palace.  It's hard work being a Master Thief and opening a Palace of this size.